Scientific Proof: The Power Of Positivity Alters Our Physical World

The following article will show you how you can easily improve your daily life. It might be something you already know or may shock you. However, keep your mind receptive and open to this discovery.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer proves that our thoughts, intentions and words alter our physical world.

What is HADO?

HADO is an expression that means “wave” and “move”. It is the basis of energy for human consciousness. Dr. Emoto claims that water is a direct reflection of human thoughts and words. So, let’s find out more!

What are these teachings?

Dr. Emoto claims that human consciousness has an impact on physical reality. By reading his books, you can understand his philosophy. His most popular teachings are the effects of human interaction with water.

‘Messages from Water’ is the most popular work of Dr. Emoto. In this book, he explains that what we feel, say, and listen has an effect on water. He claims that the power of positivity transforms anything into our physical reality. He uses water as an example. Water has a direct effect on us because human beings are made up primarily of water.

 The Rice Experiment’

“If you have a peaceful mind and peaceful thoughts, water becomes more peaceful.” – Dr. Emoto

Dr. Emoto used an uncommon technique: a rice experiment to demonstrate the power of human words and thought. He places rice into 3 glass beakers and fills the beakers with enough water to submerge the rice. To the first beaker, he says “Thank you,” to the second “You are an idiot”, and ignores the third. After one month, the rice in the first beaker was fermented and gave a pleasant smell. The rice that was affronted turned black while the rice in the third beaker began to rot. You can clearly see in the video. He further explains that how we treat children is extremely important. We should give them attention and be very careful how we interact with them. It is incredible how the jar with positive words was still fresh and white. That shows how great the power of positivity is.

Check out the video below:

147 Days of The Rice Experiment Documented – Last Day

We highly recommend you to watch the videos. The teachings of Dr. Emoto are absolutely amazing. We truly hope that you understand the power and importance of positivity. Many studies showed that our mindset and words have a direct effect on the body and those around us.

Do you think that our powerful mind and speech have an effect on the elements of our Universe as well? Well, Dr. Emoto certainly agrees!

Source: Power Of Positivity