How To Lose 10 Pounds In 1 Week: 7-Day Diet Plan

This is one simple and easy short-term diet that will help you shred some pounds in just a week. However, these short-term diets are not healthy and you will get back to your previous weight after finishing it. It is healthier to have a long-term way of living.

Many people that follow these short-term diets usually thing that when they get their wanted weight, they can get back to their unhealthy eating habits and stay on their goal weight. But this is just the main reason why a few days later they start to gain their weight back.

In order to become a healthy person, you should never hold on to a diet all the time. It is just a waste of time and you are not healthy like that.

This is why be give you this easy and fast diet that will help you lose weight fast and that it’s really popular. In just 7 days you can lose 10 pounds!

Day 1

Bananas are forbidden. You can eat any fruit you want except bananas. Depending on the season, you can choose different fruits and enjoy them whenever you want.

Day 2

This day focus on your vegetable intake. You can eat them raw or cooked, prepare them as a salad or boil them – it is all the same. You can also use salt and pepper for taste.

Day 3

Just combine the fruits and vegetables from the first two days. Eat them raw or boiled, it’s your choice.

Day 4

You can treat yourself with bananas and some low-calories soup and even milk. This day is in the middle of the diet and you can be feeling the pressure.

Day 5

On the menu this day you can eat rice, fruits and veggies. We are sure that you can notice that the pounds are shedding off. To give yourself an extra work, you should consume tomatoes because they are excellent fat burners.

Day 6

You need to eat veggies and rice and even add to the salads and soup that you had from day 2 and 4.

Day 7

Don’t stop the intake of veggies, salads, soup and rice from the previous day. Never stop eating healthy. Remember that.

Keep in mind that while you follow this diet every food that you consume should be fresh. Just try this diet and share your results. But, if you feel like you just can’t handle it, don’t push yourself. Stop the diet and love your body.


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