Amazing Mixture Of Baking Soda And Castor Oil That Will Solve 24 Problems And More!

Have you ever used castor oil? It’s one of the greatest gifts of nature.

Exerts in holistic treating claim that castor oil is more efficient than pharmaceutical solutions.

Castor oil has been a common remedy in the past.

We give you 24 effective ways to use castor oil and baking soda:

  1. Treat pilonidal cysts
  2. It works better than conventional eye drops when it comes to treating cataract
  3. Use castor oil coatings to treat sprained ankle
  4. Combine it with baking soda to lighten dark (age) spots
  5. Castor oil coatings aid in the treatment of diarrhea
  6. Treat symptoms of hepatitis
  7. Castor oil soothes swelling and bee stings
  8. Use it to accelerate the healing of cuts, bruises and wounds
  9. Apply castor oil coatings on your neck to relieve hoarseness and vocal cord issues (nodules)
  10. Pregnant women are recommended to massage their stomach with castor oil in the last trimester of their pregnancy to prevent stretch marks
  11. Rub castor oil on your eyelids to treat/prevent eye allergies
  12. Put castor oil in your ear to treat hearing problems
  13. Use 5 drops of castor oil every morning to treat allergy symptoms
  14. Castor oil coatings aid in the treatment of fungal infections
  15. Use 6-8 drops of castor oil for 4 months to treat tinnitus
  16. Massage your soles with castor oil to remove calcium deposits
  17. A few drops of this oil can help you deal with nicotine/alcohol addiction
  18. Castor oil coatings relieve back pain
  19. Rub castor oil on your warts for a month
  20. Ask your partner to use castor oil coatings to stop snoring
  21. When applied in the stomach area, castor oil treats hyperactivity
  22. Combine it with backing soda, and use the paste to treat skin cancer
  23. Rub castor oil on your moles
  24. Massage your scalp with castor oil to boost hair growth

Castor oil coatings

First, clean your skin with baking soda solution. Soak your sterile gauze in warm castor oil, and apply it on your skin.

Cover with foil, and press it down using a bottle filled with warm water. Cover with a towel, and let it work for an hour. Do this every day, and you will soon notice an improvement.